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Mac Recruitment is a Waikato based recruitment company providing a complete range of permanent and temporary (labour hire) employment solutions.

We are able to offer recruitment solutions that are tailor-made to the size and needs of each individual business. This can include everything from creation of job description through to selection of successful candidate and completion of contract.

We are also able to offer any part of this process as a separate service.

Hamish McArthur

Hamish McArthur

I am an experienced recruiter having worked as both a general recruiter and branch manager for over 9 years. Prior to working in recruitment I was General Manager of a large Engineering company with divisions in both Hamilton and Auckland.

I believe that recruitment only works successfully when there is an honest partnership between all parties. I strive hard to find my clients people who can complete the tasks they are asked to do safely and successfully. Just as importantly though, I look for people who can add value to a company's culture and contribute positively to its future direction and success.

I enjoy digging in and understanding a client’s business and its drivers and then turning that into successful candidate selection. Sometimes that may mean challenging my clients perceptions of what type of person they think is the best to fill the role. I think this is an important role for a recruiter to play and it is one that has enabled me to build long term relationships and high levels of trust with my clients.

An honours law degree gives me an excellent understanding of risk and how this is best mitigated with a successful hire at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Laura McArthur

I’m a peoples person and I love nothing more than working alongside others to achieve great outcomes.

My work experiences have been in sales, startups, recruiting and marketing. I’ve worn many hats on both sides of the business world, and this knowledge and experience has given me an understanding and appreciation for how companies can efficiently run, and a great foresight into where they can do better.

I love working with business owners and hiring managers to help them achieve better results by ensuring they have the right staff.

Laura McArthur
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