Temporary Recruitment

Often in a business there is need for a person for a short period of time. For this to be successful the person needs to be able to fill the role as if it is a permanent role.

At Mac Recruitment we have had considerable experience in finding people to fill temporary roles (Labour Hire)

We understand the personality requirements and backgrounds that make a temporary hire successful. We ensure that all our temporary staff health and safety inducted and drug tested before they begin their assignments.

High viz Worker
High viz team

Permanent Recruitment

We understand that for every business, no matter its size, the successful recruitment of a permanent employee will provide long lasting benefits to a company.

An unsuccessful recruit of a permanent employee will provide extra cost and time to a company.

Our approach at Mac Recruitment is to minimise the risk of an unsuccessful recruit.

We ensure we clearly understand a business’s objectives and culture before we begin the recruitment process. We then tailor our permanent recruitment package to suit the role and the size of the business itself.

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